Information De Oude Apotheek, Losser

Want more info on De Oude Apotheek in Losser or book a table right away? is the biggest reservation website in the Netherlands, on which you can make an online reservation at over 2500 restaurants. Unfortunately, De Oude Apotheek is not one of them, yet. We dislike this as much as you probably do!

We do our utmost best to connect De Oude Apotheek to the Couverts website as soon as possible. The next time you come here you might be able to make an online reservation right away.

In the meantime, we obviously don't want to see you leave. Therefore we invite you to click on the link below. We love to show you which restaurants in Losser can be found on our website. Although booking a table at De Oude Apotheek is not possible, we are pretty confident that you will like the offer on our website anyway!

Restaurants in Losser >

De Oude Apotheek

Teylersstraat 4
7581AH Losser


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